Universal Lock Down

Universal Lock Down

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  • This kit helps prevent computer or office equipment theft
  • This kit can be used to secure any PC, server, Tablet PC, external/portable drive, monitor, printer, scanner, ethernet switch, KVM switch, multiplexor, router, wireless access point, calculator, cash register, copier, fax machine, lab/test equipment, paper shredder, point of sale terminal, shipping/counting scale, telephone, camera, CD player, cell phone, MP3 player, pager, PDA, portable TV, audio amplifier, speaker, cable TV receiver, CD/DVD player, satellite receiver, projector, TV, or VCR
  • Plastic high impact security plate size is 2.45 inch long by 1.5 inch wide by 0.60 inch tall
Kit includes:
  • 30 mm solid brass padlock with 2 keys
  • 8 foot long 1/4 inch thick black vinyl coated steel cable (breaking strength of 3000 lbs)
  • 3 black plastic high impact lock down plates and our super strong adhesive

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